Baltic Network against life-treatening viral infections

Formerly the New Visby Hepatitis C Network

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From July 1, 2013 our Hepatitis C Network has been transformed into the Baltic Network against the life-treatening viral infections. The new expanded Network has received the support of the Swedish Institute for the period 2013-2016 in the amount of 3 000 000 SEK, project number 09272/2013. The new Network works on the burning issues of protection of the population of the Batlic region from viral hepatitis, HIV-1 and pandemic influenza. Project integrates 12 teams from Sweden, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Poland. Extended information about the network will be published later.

Due to the expansion of the Network, the webpage of the Hepatitis C Network has undergone a considerable reorganization but has preserved all the materials of the partental Hepatitis C Network, such as the content of the previous projects, information from the Network meetings, presentations of the lecture course on viral hepatitis, publication lists and photogallery.

On the Annual Network Meetings

The Network meets once a year. Click the dates on the left to access the previous programs. Presentations are posted from the 6th meeting in Tallinn (2009), 7th meeting in Tartu (2010); 8th Annual Conference of the Network in Vilnius (2011), 9th Annual Conference of the Network in St Petersburg (2012), 10th Annual Conference of the Network in Riga (2013), 11th Annual Conference of the Network in Vilnius, and the 12th Conference “Viral Infections of Regional Significance” in Moscow 2015.

Program, Abstract Book and selected papers describing the materials presented on the 12th Conference “Viral Infections of Regional Significance” in Moscow October 3-5, 2015 are published in the bilingual English-Russian Open Access journal “Medical Virology” IKAR Publishers, ISSN 2070-7746, in Scopus in the issue to be released June 2016. The link will appear on this web-site shortly.

Our 13th  conference "Viruses as Moving Targets" will be held June 26 to June 28, 2016 followed by the 6th lecture course on viral infections, June 28-29, 2016, in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Visit this page to see up-coming Network activities