Baltic Network against life-treatening viral infections

Formerly the New Visby Hepatitis C Network

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5th Moscow 2008


Thursday January 31

Arrival to HOTEL "PEKIN"
20.00 -Welcome Dinner in the hotel "Pekin"
Distribution of conference folders. Collection of presentations on CDs

Friday February 1

HOSPITAL DAY, Moscow University of Dentistry and Medicine
8.00 Departure from the hotel "PEKIN" by bus
10.00 Visit to the Infectious Disease Hospital (8-aya ul. Sokolinoy Gori)
Wards housing HCV, HIV and HCV-HIV coinfected patients
11.30-13.00 Lectures for hospital staff
Anders Widell: Nosocomial HCV transmission (30 min)
Leonid P Titov: HCV infection in Belarus: epidemiology and function of the immune system (30 min)
Elena Chub: High endemicity of HCV in aboriginal populations of Siberia (10 min)
Alexey Mazus: HIV in Russia (10 min)

14.00-15.30 Lectures for hospital staff
Matti Sällberg: Swedish therapeutic HCV vaccine clinical trial (30 min)
Golohvastova Elena: HIV/HCV co-infected patients in Moscow (20 min)
Marina Dotsenko: The disorders of the lipid transport system in HCV-HIV co-infection (10 min).

16.00-17.00 Visit to Immunology laboratory in the University/Hospital
17.00-18.00 Round table discussion of ongoing and planned projects involving
the Infectious Disease Hospital.

Saturday February 2

INTERNAL DISCUSSIONS, PLANNING, Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology
10.00-11.00 Presentations & Discussion on what can be done in the field
11.20-12.30 Presentation & Discussion on what can be done in the field
Helene Norder: The molecular epidemiology of HCV in former Soviet Union (30 min)
Viktor Dahl: Experience of a recently discovered blood borne parvovirus (15 min)

Juris Jansons & Anders Widell: Malmö experience with pseudovirus particles (20 min)
Maxim Kozlov: Nonlucleoside inhibitors of HCV RNA polymerase (20 min)
Elena Tsyganova & Maria Isaguliants: HCV-specific immune response in patients with acute hepatitis of unknown origin (15 min)

14.00-15.00 Workshop & Discussion on what can be done in the field
Margarita Boldireva: Identification of viruses in blood samples: applications in the Network (20 min)
Maxim Vonsky. Biometrology & nucleic acid quantification: possible applications in the Network (20 min)

15.30 -ì 17.30 Planning

Monday February 4

VIROLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY at Ivanovsky Institute of Virology
8.30 Departure from the hotel by bus to Gamaleja str 16 (Oktjabrskoe pole)
9.30-11.00 Immunology session I (Lecture Hall)
Helmut Diepolder: HCV-specific T cell responses and viral clearance in acute hepatitis C (20 min)
Matti Sällberg: Swedish HCV NS3 DNA vaccine clinical trial (20 min)
Bijan Razziorouh: Development and validation of HCV-specific HLA class II tetramers (15 min)
Irina Sominska: Bivalent anti-HBV and HCV vaccine prototype (15 min)

11.30-13.00 Visiting Institute Laboratories

14.00-15.30 Virology session I (Lecture Hall)
Birke Bartosch: Insights into HCV cell entry and neutralization (30 min)
Olga Kalinina: Mechanisms of recombination of RNA viruses and HCV (15 min)
Sergey Kochetkov: Biochemistry of HCV nonstructural proteins NS5a and NS5b (lecture 30 min)

16.00-17.30 Immunology & Virology session II
Ekaterina Alekseeva: Hepatitis C Virus core protein and its localization in the cells (15 min)
Tatjana Tallo: Genetic characterization of HCV in Estonia (15 min)
Josefine Ederth: Five year prospective molecular typing of newly notified cases of hepatitis C in a Swedish county (15 min)

Photos from the Meeting